12 Ways to Get Into The Christmas Spirit!

You don't need snow or mistletoe to get into the Christmas spirit!

Christmas is really a frame of mind, an attitude and a way of looking at celebrating life. Yes, it’s the birthday of JC, but you don’t really need to be a Christian to get into the Christmas spirit. In India, we are lucky to celebrate all festivals, and we’re always ready to have a good time. This is a good time as we get engulfed in the festivities all around us and it just feels so so good!

You can have the time of your life by following our special and simple tips:

1. Enjoy the build-up

Are you like seriously waiting till D-Day to start having fun? Don’t. The days of excitement before Xmas are a lot of fun too! Take your kids to a Christmas carnival or fair. Or just enjoy at home with a movie, a cup of chai and some hot pakoras, perhaps? If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas, visit any 5-star hotel or mall and you’ll get that feeling with their Christmas decorations. Just don’t let the pre-Christmas period vanish in a blur of shopping and gift wrapping! PLEASE!

2. Be someone’s secret Santa

Okay, so maybe your kids are writing letters to Santa. You can bring in some serious cheer in someone’s life by surprising them with an unexpected gift. A very good way to do this is to participate in your office donation drive. Or surprise someone with a box of chocolates when they least expect it. Santa will get the maximum joy. Guaranteed!

3. Get together with those who matter

We all know that Christmas should not be spent alone. Whether you make that trip home to spend it with your parents/that special house party with friends/an impromptu get-together with the office colleagues you do like. It doesn’t matter if you sit down for an elaborate turkey (or chicken!) dinner, go for a Christmas brunch or just order some pizza. What matters is that you spend time with people you love.

In fact, why don’t you save some time and eat out? Or order in? Choose from some incredible options, sit back and enjoy!

4. Make way for the tree!

Christmas would be incomplete without the tree. You don’t really need a real tree; there are several fake options available. You can get innovative with the decor, but please keep one at home. You’ll love looking at it every day!

5. Give a jaadu ki jhappi!

We don’t really have mistletoe here, but let’s take inspiration from apna Munnabhai and give a jaadu ki jhappi to someone – who needs it. Or not! Coz sometimes a hug is all you need to make you feel better.

6. Yuletide with food!

Calories don’t count on Christmas! Period. As with most festivals, the main attraction of Christmas is the feast. In the West, it’s a tradition to have a roast turkey but as my Christian friend very wisely told me – it doesn’t matter what’s on the table, it will usually be the best food the family can afford and the key is that it should be eaten together. Lots of food, lots of laughter, lots of wine, lots of smiles…that's when it feels like Christmas!

7. Oh carol!

Can’t sing to save your life? Doesn’t matter. Collective singing is known to raise your spirits. Visit your neighbourhood church for midnight mass and join the choir. We’ll be at the Sacred Heart Cathedral in Delhi, but even listening to carols on your music system can make for a memorable Christmas.

8. Hang up your stocking!

Silk or woollen. In case people around you are not clued in to this tradition, fill it up with your favourite goodies yourself. Indulge!

9. Bake a cake!

Yes, we’ve spoken about food earlier, but this dessert deserves a special mention. It’s no ordinary cake – the raisins, cashews, figs and dates have to be soaked in rum months before the actual baking starts. It also includes red wine and fresh caramel. The end results are…spectacular!

10. Shop online for gifts

In Christmas, the gifting lists can be quite long. There’s usually a mad rush of shoppers EVERYWHERE and in case you don’t fancy standing in queues, your best bet will be to stick to online stores. Browse at you convenience and also save some money with discounts. We have some special stuff on offer, look for it here

11. Dress up!

Or dress to the nines. It’s Christmas. Enough said.

12. Clean the slate!

It’s the season to be merry, and also let bygones be bygones. You’re in the mood to party and you have a new year ahead, so forget all the grudges, and welcome the festivities with an open heart. This is going to be better for your health (and skin) than anything else!

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Beautifully written! Already having Christmas-y jitters. :)

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