Click & Collect...

The Newest Way to go Online Shopping!

Online shopping was meant to revolutionize the whole shopping experience – shop from the comfort and luxury of your home or on-the-go, checkout in the kitchen or in a train! But things take a backseat when you have to keep waiting for you parcel and with added shipping & handling charges with a number of service taxes and it doesn’t seem flawless anymore!

Happens especially when you shop from International websites – you try to checkout, it adds duty plus shipping charges that often end up costing you more than the cost of the product. So, next time, look for “click & collect” option. You buy and have that friend in London collect it for you from the store!

Sounds cool? Well... back home, even Flipkart has gotten into the bandwagon of “click & collect” for all those times when the delivery fails.

Do give it a try and save yourself the waiting time!


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