Is Winter Giving You The Munchies?

Us too! We are feeling nostalgic and thinking about those lazy winter afternoons in our grandmom’s house, binging on industrial amounts of chikki, oranges and what not!

Now older and sitting on my office workstation, I’m a little cranky and irritated because for me, the SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is real! There are times when I just don’t wanna get up from my cozy spot but I have some comfort food that get me all charged up and get going! Listing some of my favourites that keep comforting me when it’s freezing!

1. Dry fruits, nuts and chikki

Roasted peanuts, almonds, pistachios, cashews and other dry fruits & nuts instantly put me in a good mood. Moongfali chikki gets a special mention here for being my all-time mood-lifter!

2. Tea, coffee and hot chocolate

A cup of coffee (or 5) is my all-time favourite! You can enjoy a warm cuppa anywhere, anytime. When caffeine kicks in, you’ll feel perky and alert.

3. Gajar ka halwa

Since we can’t have gajar ka halwa in summers, this is something I relish during winters! Gajar ka halwa can instantly warm you up and feel good. My favourite part is preparing it. The sweetness gives you that energy and zing for all those colder days.

4. Til-gud barfi

I have not known anyone who could say no to til-gud barfi or laddu. Often considered as Sankranti food, these til-gud laddus have a special place on my bed-side table.

5. Potato wafers

I love potatoes in all forms. Nothing makes me feel better than cozying up in a blanket with a huge pack of potato wafers in one hand and my favourite book in other! That's the recipe for perfect winter evenings.

6. Deep fried snacks

The craving for deep fried snacks like onion pakora, kachori and samosa aggravates during these wintery months. Pair them with a cup of hot masala chai to calm yourself down!

7. Hot soup

The mere thought of hot tomato or chicken soup is just so uplifting! And the fact that it’s filling, nutritious and that you don’t even have to slave off in the kitchen makes me feel so so so good!

8. Bhutta

Another favourite and I’m pretty sure most of you will agree with this one. The only reason that I don’t have ‘em too often is because they get stuck between my teeth, otherwise I’d have it every day!

9. Momos

Steamed, deep fried, pan-fried or even tandoori, the steaming hot dumplings with hot chili sauce will have me wide awake and craving for some more!

10. Maggi

Chilly days or no chilly days, I must admit that a hot bowl of Maggi is an instant pick-me-up. Available in a number of exciting flavours, the classic remains my favourite!


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