Blending Work and Play at OCB!

I knew OCB would bring lots of popping eyes to our blogs but it is not what you’re thinking. OCB as in Office Canteen Bar is the newest restaurant on the Delhi-circuit of awesome cafe bars that I stumbled upon recently.

My friends and I are always on a quest to find hidden gems and less-heard-of hangout places in and around Delhi. The recent influx of cafes and restaurants in Connaught Place has us walking around the busy streets every weekend to find ourselves a fix of good food and booze! And that’s when we came across this name Office Canteen Bar. The quirky name itself struck us and needless to say – we had to try it!

Before we entered the place, we settled on the fact that this is a bar which serves canteen food (going into a nostalgia of the school canteen at the same time), but why the heck does it have “office” in its name! As we went in, all I could notice was how the place is spread over three storeys with a never-seen-before decor, giving it a very rustic vibe. It is designed after office canteens of olden times with canteen furniture and bare brick walls.

Once we settled down, we were told that every decor item is handpicked and the graffiti on the walls are all hand-painted by the cafe designer. The rooftop area is enormous and, again, you’ll see beautiful effigies painted on the walls. The name, you ask? It all fell in place once we were in.. It showcases books and files in all sizes – the ones you see in office cabinets. So yes, you guessed it right. OCB is a co-working space by day and a restro-bar by the evening (after 7 pm). So, all you budding entrepreneurs out there – if you’re looking for an office space, this just might be it! Just make sure that you book it in advance.

The feeling of being in that space with all my dear friends gave me a sense of euphoria. It is unlike any other place. Sure, we have been to co-working spaces before, but there is something different about OCB! I can’t tell you enough about the aura and decor of the place, and how I wish I could do my home in a similar fashion!

Okay, that’s enough about me going gaga about OCB. Let’s move on to more important factors here – the food! The food at OCB is a perfect blend of international and Indian regional food with a flavorful twist. And the presentation is just out of this world! We had Masa Leek Cigars & Two States Tikka for apps, Nagpuri Chicken Saoji with peas pulao & Chicken Penne Pesto Pot for mains and Kismi Bite Cheesecake & Tiramisu Twister for desserts. Another interesting thing is the DIY cocktail, which means, you can mix your own cocktails! But we did not go into that, instead, we chose ASAP, Miss Fresher Party & LPG Version 0.2.

Visited this place twice and I’m already so in love! Partly because of its location (away in P Block) and mostly because of the amazing food and cocktail mixes. The perfect place that allows you to completely rewind and chill with your pals after work!

So don't wait, now is a good time to visit Office Canteen Bar, for you'll get a cocktail or mocktail absolutely free with anything you order from the menu! Just don't forget to take this deal from mydala.


  1. Different than the usual. Happy to know I have a new place to try...OCB this weekend!

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