Deal Master Terms & Conditions

Contest Terms and Conditions

  • This Contest applies only to deals running on or being catered to directly by merchants' at their stores. Users submitting Online Deals, Online Coupons, or deals with/without Coupon Codes will not be eligible for any rewards or mypoints.
  • User with highest number of unique approved deals will be declared winner.
  • Deal count is subject to approval; Administrator has the right to disapprove/approve submitted deals, whose decision will be final.
  • One winner will be declared for each day chosen by the Administrator. The winner will be notified by email and / or phone as provided by the user at the time of registration to the website (
  • Each daily winner will be given a voucher worth Rs 500/- from which can be used to buy one (1) or more movie tickets. Any excess amount will be paid for by the winner.
  • Users by participating confirm their acceptance of all terms and conditions of the contest listed here and of terms and conditions of the website available at Terms & Conditions .
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