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By Sumit Tiwari

24 June 2015

Vedanta Physiotherapy Clinic

The sooner physiotherapy begins, the quicker the recovery. Early physiotherapy also allows for complicated cases to be .... read more

By Gaurav Bhattacharya

18 October 2013

Nikky Bawa Make Up Studio & Salon

best service at the shop. such a nice makeover !! I bought it as gift for my mother..and she liked the new style very mu.... read more

By Kabirkingdom

10 June 2013

Bay Leaf Spa

bay leaf massage therapy and techniques are awesome. At bay leaf ayurveda everything is natural and ayurvedic. All the o.... read more

By Amit Srivastava

31 May 2013

Feelin Enterprises

Feelin Enterprises provides us the best tattoos and have various design of tattoos. Packages are very cheap and service .... read more

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By Manoj Dakua

27 August 2016

i have used mydala app for online coupons frequently. very efficient and hassle free,quick and easy!! Totally recommende.... read more

By Udita Singh

23 December 2014


The deal was quite helpful & I found it when I badly needed such a deal. I was in an emotionally distressed situation an.... read more