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By manish

15 December 2015

Envi Salon & Spa

Envi salon and spa also provides coupons to the customer,so that next time they visit they can get discount on the facil.... read more

By kiranyadav

14 December 2015

Envi Salon & Spa

highly recomended to all the girls,its a place whr you get to groom yourself and turn yourself into the most beautiful w.... read more

By rupakshi

10 December 2015

Envi Salon & Spa

Services:8/10amazing,wonderful and excellent services provided by the Envi salon.staff:9/10professional,well trained and.... read more

By simran

07 December 2015

Envi Salon & Spa

Hi, I would like to share my experience with Envi salon. It was the first time i was going to get threading done and was.... read more

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By Udita Singh

23 December 2014


The deal was quite helpful & I found it when I badly needed such a deal. I was in an emotionally distressed situation an.... read more