D elhi has a great Japanese food scene, and if you haven’t tried it yet, you’re really missing out on a good meal. Japanese food is not just about just about sushi and sashimi, the staples are sticky rice, miso soup and noodles. And Japanese do chicken really really well, contrary to popular belief that they only have fish and seafood!

Japanese food is all about tradition, flavours and the art of presentation.


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Chanakyapuri is an affluent neighbourhood and diplomatic enclave established in the 1950s in New Delhi. It plays host to the majority of foreign embassies in New Delhi. The Race Course metro station and Jor Bagh metro station are the nearest stations of Delhi Metro to Chanakyapuri. Chanakyapuri is well connected by road and has 25 bus stops. There are more than 2 Salons and Spas, 71 restaurants and 21 hospitals in Chanakyapuri. There are 20 schools.

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