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About tattoo

➤From compasses and ships to lighthouses, the classic nautical tattoos have been one of the most inked tattoo forms in 2016 throughout the world.
Blackwork tattoos - solid black tattoos with focus on intricate design are getting more popular than ever. This one is for someone with serious dedication to the ink.
Minimalistic tattoos are literally taking over the world; celebrities are opting for this form. This trend is encouraging first timers to get inked.
Single line tattoos with simplistic design is one of the latest tattoo trends catching fire in 2016. Creating something spectacular with a single continuous line definitely needs expert execution.
Girls around the globe seem to have developed an uncanny affinity towards Finger tattoos. These tattoos can be in the form of symbols, simple words or even cute little portraits.
Geometric tattoos on small-scale pieces or full body style have surged to fame. This style allows artists to apply their expertise to create a 100% unique pattern that is breathtakingly cool!
Mandala tattoos based on Tibetan mandala patterns are getting popular among people who appreciate the value of spirituality in life or simply the beauty of Mandala tattoos.

Tattoos are forms of body modification to change the colour of skin by inserting indelible ink into the dermis layer. The process of tattooing is not painless. However, the intensity of pain varies for different parts of the body. The pain is worth it, if you get it from a professional tattoo artist. Know about the best tattoo artists and tattoo studios in your city at mydala.com. There are different types and forms of Tattoos. Black and grey tattoos, Colour tattoos, Portrait and Fine line tattoos, Tribal tattoos, Freehand Custom tattoos, Cover-up, Touch up and the list goes on. Medical tattoos are also gaining popularity; they are used to convey critical medical information about the bearer, in case of medical emergencies. A tattoo is an intimate piece of art that would stick to you forever. There are many reasons to get inked. It can be about your loved ones, it can be about your dreams, a passion or a special moment that you would like to remember. Tattoos are like living sculptures etched on your skin to tell a story about your life. Decide what's yours? Finally there is a random tattoo that you just want to have. There is nothing wrong in it. Go for it, get inked!

Tattoo Care Tips:
1: Avoid direct contact to sunlight during the first few days when you get inked. Use sunscreen lotion at least for the first month if you have to go out. This will prevent any discolouration or fading of the tattoo.
2. Don't scratch it; pat the area gently in case of irritation.
3. Avoid swimming pool, sea water and bath tub when the tattoo is fresh.

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