I can’t explain my love for burgers – love them so much I can have ‘em any time of the day every day! Thanks to my skinny genes, I don’t gain kilos and I can go excellent lengths to find some perfect tummy-filling grub! I’m always on a lookout for burger joints to have my fill and I have my own favorites too when it comes to those. Even my foodie friends know about this eternal love and tip-off about any joint that opens up in and around town.


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We are delighted to serve you 5677 result(s) for restaurants. Some of the top service providers for your searched category in Mumbai are Ocean Grill Multi Cuisine Family Restaurant And Bar, Zinc Lounge & Kitchen, China Gaon, Gondola, And Chillies. Also find deals from places like Andheri East, Andheri West and Bandra East. Choose from a gamut of deals and save your money.

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