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07 October 2014

excellent services and very very friendly staff.. i didn't feel as if i have come in a package..full satisfaction from my end. I have always given best service everytime and for all the work. I love to go there again and again due to honest treatment. Whatever they offer, they give the same and that to it's best. Cheers to the entire team and all the best

08 August 2014

i agree with Renuka's review. I also find the same kind of atmosphere there. Owner never takes trouble for the services of their customers. even the staff talking ill-words about the customers.

17 October 2013

I think my experience was bad. They treated customers like a pain for them. There is a great difference between their words & their action. Even Staff don't know how to deal with customers. They only know how to cheat. For all those ppl who are planning to go in this salon, please save urself. They will give u 5 min massage in Facial which is a main thing in the whole beauty package and the process of pedicure & manicure is really bad. So please spare yourself from getting cheated