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12 June 2013

Are you looking for the best ways to get refreshed? If yes then I have an option for you which would really going to help to come out of all stress and busy schedule and that is Tuscany spa therapy. Some of you who haven't experienced it yet might be carrying many doubts in mind regarding this therapy but trust me it helps a lot in bringing back the real energy in you. Few days before I am also new to the magical world of spa, I heard a lot about this but haven't felt trying it, but one of my friends suggest me to give it a chance. It was Sunday evening, I entered Tuscany spa salon with question mark on my face? I met therapist she told me every stage of spa. Then one of the expert therapists took me to the room where it all has to be done. When I entered the room half of my tension flew away after watching their breath taking ambiance with calm rose fragrance and petals all around. The spa region was very cool and calm and had so many attracting corners to explore that it was tough to choose where to go first. The hydrotherapy tub had an accurate bathing temperature with water jets and showers all around were amazing. The marvelous crystal steam room had an amazing amethyst crystal but my favorite room had to be the Herbal sauna having fragrance of roses and was extremely rejuvenating. It really touched my heart.