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5 Skin-Care Trends And Products To Follow in 2021

While I’m the go-to beauty and health nut around the office (just ask my coworkers!), I also geek out over good skincare. So as our gift for you for 2021, we put our heads together to make a comprehensive list of the most routine-changing, inventive, and brand new beauty and skincare products we can’t wait to try in 2021 (TBH, most of these items ended up in our shopping carts as we were writing this). Scroll on to shop smarter-than-ever haircare, game-changing skincare, revolutionary supplements, and skincare must-haves that are about to make reaching your health goals oh so easy.

  • Mamaearth Onion Hair Oil

It’s not often in the beauty world that products seem truly innovative, but when they do, they immediately make it to the top of our lists. Mamaearth caught our eye because they basically take the same approach that many of us take with our skincare with hair products. They’re all about nourishing, moisturizing, properly cleansing, and treating our hair and scalp with the same vehemance as we do with our skin. Mamaearth Onion Hair Oil focuses on moisturizing hair, especially curls, so that you can reduce frizz, define curls and waves, and condition the hair roots to stimulate new hair growth. What more could you want?!

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  • Mamaearth Vitamin C Face Serum

We’re new on the Mamaearth train, but after seeing so many positive recommendations from users across the blogs, this might be one of those products that counts for the maximum votes. Anything that says it’s recommended for sensitive skin is exciting in our books. This uses niacinamide and vitamin C (can you tell this is about to be a majorly-trending ingredient in 2021?) to balance, protect, and strengthen sensitive skin. Not only is it supposed to reduce inflammation or a current flare-up, but it also prevents them from happening in the future. You might want to include this product in your skincare routine.

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  • The Moms Co Natural Age control Night Cream

I’ll never not want to try my hand at a new anti aging night product. They’re different and exciting, but they’re not just a cute packaging gimmick; they’re highly effective. This product stands next to their best-selling The Mom’s Co day glow cream, but it’s main focus is highlighting from within. It’s basically a primer product for skincare lovers. It uses niacinamide, ratinol, and hyaluronic acid (a powerhouse trio) to create a radiant glow without any shimmers or glitters on the skin. “No makeup” makeup just got a LOT better.

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  • Wild Earth Night Face Repair Cream

We’ve all spent time, energy, and money on skincare for our face since we were preteens, but what about skincare for our late 20s? Between pollution, chemicals, and aging skin, the sensitive skin on our face deserves some major care. This night cream from Wild Earth is a luxe formula designed to nourish your face skin on a daily basis as a self-care ritual. The luscious smooth emulsion melts upon application, thanks to a blend of replenishing oils, and all-natural ingredients like chamomile soothes to heal thin or dry skin tissues. This isn’t just a lotion or moisturiser; it’s a daily treatment meant to be applied everynight before bed. The plant actives work overnight to treat skin for maximum nourishment. 2021 is the year of personal skincare and wellness, starting with this genius product.

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  • WOW Essential Oil

We love essential oils for relaxing before bed, but they can also be used for so much more. The 2021 update in essential oil trends is using oils for not just stress-relief, but for energy. This blend infuses bergamot, grapefruit, juniper, and lime for a mixture that will remind you of warm summer days and literally energizes you while boosting your mood. Put a few drops in your diffuser while taking your morning shower or waiting on the coffee to brew, or just take a quick deep breath to inhale it whenever you’re hitting a slump for an instant (healthy!) mood boost and dose of energy.

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