7 Inexpensive Ways to Celebrate Father's Day!

What can you say about the role your dad has played in your life? Can it even be put into words? Thankfully, you have a day in which you can convey all that he means to you. This Father's Day – do more than picking up a random, last-minute gift. Give him the gift of time – here are our suggestions for how you can spend time with your dad and make it a truly memorable day for the both of you:

1. Get sporty!

I know a lot of dads who love nothing more than a good day out in the sunshine playing tennis, football or a game of frisbee. This weekend, plan a Daddy's Sports Day. Just pick up that ball and head to the nearest park for an evening of family sports and games together. It will not only give you a chance to spend some good amount of time together, but it will be nice for you too to get active! If it’s too hot for you, take him to a gaming lounge!

2. Grab a drink

Many of you might have had their first drink with their fathers. If you’re over 18, then maybe grab a drink or two in *his* favorite bar! It is a perfect opportunity for good ol' chat and spending some quality time together with your dad. Since it’s also going to be the ICC Champions Trophy finals, you would want to go a cool sports bar or a restaurant that’s screening it live and spend an evening bonding over food, drinks and cricket!

3. Plan a trip together

There’s nothing that can put anyone in a good mood than a trip. Remember those days when he put all his work on hold, packed your schoolbag and ensured that you reached school on time? Well, this time, pack his bags for a change and head out – stopping in-between for all those yummy treats. Tune in to his favorite radio station or just play his favorite songs and hit the road! You can go on a day trip or make it a weekend getaway! Click here for some coolest travel deals on mydala.

4. Organize a daddy's day spa

Thought you could only take your mom to spas to have a downtime? Remind your dad that 20 minutes of steam in a Jacuzzi will relieve him from all the stress and will relax his muscles. If he likes the idea of getting pampered, book him a luxurious massage, a haircut or even a professional shave at his favorite salon.

If he’s yet not convinced, you can also make an at-home-spa for him! You can get a few essential oils like vanilla, peppermint or lavender and put in his bath and Epsom salt for his feet to make sure that your dad gets the love he deserves.

5. Cook him his favorite meal

If your pops is a foodie, he would definitely love you cooking all of his favorite meals on Father’s Day. Bring in fresh veggies, chicken or fish from the market and make a hefty yummy meal or whatever he likes. Not only this meal be pocket-friendly, but also more special than treating him to a lunch at a fancy restaurant! If your dad’s a food beast like mine, this might just be the best gift for dad.

6. Treat him to a movie marathon

You never miss any movie that comes out each Friday, but when was the last time you watched a movie with your dad? So this Father’s Day, make it happen. The day is about celebrating dads, but it is also a day you celebrate your dad’s dad – your granddad! So, make a popcorn bucket shaped invite and invite every member to the special movie night that you’ll be organizing on Sunday!

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7. Give him a day off!

We all understand just how busy our dads are, and if your dad is like mine, between catching up football matches, grocery shopping and a number of other household errands, weekends for dads don't always mean relaxed living. So this Father's Day, why not spend some quality time together doing nothing! Take that old dusty board game out of the closet, read together or tune in to a family movie together. Have a lazy Sunday – your dad will love it!

If you have some cash in your hands, you can buy him just about anything – a nice watch, a bottle of scotch whiskey or bourbon, a shirt or anything – options for Father’s Day gifts are endless. But there’s one gift that he would appreciate more – and it’s absolutely free, it’s the gift of time. It’s the gift that cannot be bought or sold!

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