How to consult a doctor online?

Seeking an e-consultation simply means consulting a doctor online. Getting a consultation online can be really convenient and can be lifesaving during a pandemic when everything is in a stand still during a lockdown. Online consultation can also help you avoid long queues at the hospital or during a medical emergency. You can do this via a video call, voice call and even through chat, where you can share images with the doctor. Today many such online pharmacies like – 1MG, Lybrate, Netmeds etc. are offering 24 x 7 online assistance and consultation. Other than this, there are dedicated apps for online consultations, like DocsApp.

Here are a few quick points that will help you understand how online consultation works.

  1. Log in to the website/app of your choice. Go to the online consultation page and select start a session or consult a doctor online.

  1. Select or describe your symptoms. Attach any relevant medical reports. Select the mode to consultation – Phone, Video or Text/Chat consultation.

  1. Complete the online transaction, via the means of your choice as the payment for the consultation. A doctor will be automatically assigned to you. Or you could choose from the list of available doctors to begin your session.

  1. Some websites also allow you to follow up with the consulted doctors. Just in case you have any other questions or need more clarity on your prescription.

Make sure to describe your problem and symptoms in a clear and simple manner to get the best out of this new and convenient way of consultation.

Convenient patient care

Technological upgradation in the healthcare sector allows patients to access healthcare services from any place. There is no need to take time off from your schedules and visit a medical doctor. Convenience is the key benefit of modern online healthcare services.

Telehealth services are evolving, so even without touching the patient; a doctor can diagnose and prescribe various medications, and advise about different treatment modalities for their patients. The use of different telemedicine tools has increased the credibility of this field.

Increase patient care quality

Patient-centered approaches improve patient care quality. Doctors can address healthcare issues quickly and patients also can learn about suitable treatment options in minutes. A new study shows that telemedicine has reduced hospital admissions due to depression, anxiety, and stress.

Wider reach

With the help of advanced telehealth services, doctors can reach out to a wider geographic region. To increase the reach, it is important to engage patients through telemedicine, as it helps them in maintaining appointments and care schedules. You can also build a good rapport by encouraging your patients to adopt healthy lifestyle choices.

Access to specialists

When it comes to serious health issues, you would want to consult with the best specialists. However, you need to invest a lot of time on each visit. Telemedicine technologies not only allow patients to access medical specialists quickly but also access primary care medical doctors as well. This allows care for a diverse range of health concerns.

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