Tattoo Trends: What's Hot Right Now!

Tattoos are a bold form of self-expression, but the pressure of choosing just the right design can make you feel a bit overwhelmed. Unlike fashion trends, going with the crowd doesn’t seem like a great idea when it comes to tattoos! But that also doesn't mean that you cannot take some "inkspiration" from here and there. I got the dope on this year’s biggest tattoo trends from Madd Dogg Tattoo Studio and here’s what their coolest clients are asking for right now.

1. Helix tattoos

The coolest new place to get a tattoo is apparently on the helix which is basically the edge of your ear. They are all the rage on Instagram right now... These delicate tattoos adorn people’s cartilage, giving the appearance of an ear cuff or cartilage ring. It’s a trend so minimal and dainty, even tattoo skeptics will fall in love. If you’re looking for a tattoo design that won’t give a mini heart attack to your parents, go for this one!

2. Armpit

Ouch! Yes – armpit tattoos are cropping up all over Instagram right now... While the idea of getting inked on underarms may seem gross, the end results are unexpectedly lovely. So if you’re someone who belongs to the hidden ink tribe (or, if you’ve ran out of spaces on the rest of your body!), this is for you... But remember that this area is extremely sensitive, you need to be seriously committed to getting such a tattoo.

3. Red ink

Red is the boldest colour in the entire spectrum, so if you decide to get a red ink tattoo, you’ll definitely get noticed. After being made famous by Kylie Jenner (who has the most number of red tattoos!), red inks are one of the most popular tattoo trends – from bold & artistic to minimal – take your pick!

4. Hyper-realistic

Hyper-realistic tattoos depict portraits and landscapes that mimic the finer details of a photograph. Whether it’s 3D or a life-like tattoo, hyper-realistic tattoos take realism to a whole new level! If you’re looking to get a hyper-realistic tattoo, it is important that you find a tattoo artist who is a master of realism.

5. Botanical

Made famous by tattoo artist Pis Saro, these tattoos are inspired by botanical specimens she finds on her walks through her garden or travels. Designed directly from nature, these tattoos look so delicate and very real... They were big last year, and we know for sure that it is here to stay!

6. Mandalas

Mandala means ‘circle’ in Sanskrit, which represents the universe – and is originated in India! It has since grown into a cultural phenomenon which does not have geographical boundaries. Mandalas are often represented by a square and four gates & a circle in the center. These are a perfect choice if you’re spiritually connected. So tattoos inspired by mandalas are never ever going out of the radar!

7. Dot-work

Dot-work tattoos, also known as tattoos made with stippling method, are not filled with colours, but the shading and colouring is done with tiny dots. It is one of the most intricate styles because the patterns are made with nothing but dots! These tattoos are made with effort and a lot of patience and that's why your tattoo artist must also be skilled, experienced and extremely patient!

8. Lace-work tattoos

Lace-work tattoos are intricate lace patterns drawn onto skin and are a popular choice amongst women. If you want to add femininity and timeless beauty, you can consider getting this form. Whether it's a garter, a pretty bow – any design would look great in this pattern. You should also know that these tattoos need a fine element of line work for them to really pop out!

9. Tiny tattoos

If you dread the idea of getting under needle, chances are, you will get a tiny tattoo at some point of time... They are discreet, so you’ll never have to worry about offending your mom and you’ll never ever regret it.

PRO TIP: You can wear or do anything, the key to pull it off is – confidence! A badly done tattoo will not only make you look like a fool in front of your friends, you will have to redo it sooner or later! So it is really important to choose your tattoo artist carefully.

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