10 Things We'll Never Forget About School!

While you were in school, there was one day that made all the teachers happy at the same time! It was --- 5th September, officially Teacher’s Day! No classes, no assignments, no homework - only happy teachers! We loved the role reversal –

dressing up as our teachers and taking classes while the teachers took some time off to chill.

So here we wish all the teachers, mentors and coaches a very Happy Teacher's Day! You really have taught us a lot. You have educated us, taught us the art of living and given us a lot of memories... so let’s go back to the school and re-live all those memories.

1. That prolonged morning wish!

GOOOOOD MORRRRNIIIIINGGG MA’AM/SIR...! and how lovely it sounded! Oh, to be so carefree once again! If there’s anything that we lack today, it’s a streak of madness...

2. Punishment during morning assembly

Long nails, dirty shoes or dirty uniform... You would be picked out in front of all other students, meaning the entire school, during the morning assembly... How so embarrassing!

3. Incomplete homework = a day outside the class!

It's hard not to laugh out loud when you think about that remark now! While some of really enjoyed standing out of the class, some were good enough to not repeat the mistake!

4. Class tests

From surprise class tests to open book tests or scheduled tests, and that dreaded... Monday test – teachers had a way to make us all fall in line, and most of us prayed to completely remove from our lives, and the equally deadly results!

5. Free period = happiness X infinity!

A teacher absent was the Best. Feeling. Ever! The joy and the thrill we all felt after the declaration of that Mathematics teacher being absent was always worth watching... and we always hoped for that one teacher not making it to the class on time.

6. Always making seating arrangements

They would always separate the talkative friends from one another and make the naughtiest sit at the front seat. But the best part was definitely rotation of the rows!

7. Keeping an eye on the back-benchers

Back benchers – whether the naughtiest or the bright ones, if they sat at the back, they were the most talkative! They were the teachers’ favorite – hit by a piece of chalk or a snide remark. But all of us, even the teachers, would agree that they kept the settings fun & lively!

8. Bunking classes and trying to act cool

All of us had the lamest excuses on why we couldn't attend a particular class. We skipped our classes to practice for a dance routine or a basketball match - but the teachers were way too smart to understand the bunking pattern!

9. That one boring class

There was always one class which was so boring – you made strategies to bunk the class or just take a nap without anyone noticing! Suddenly the teacher asks a question and the whole class stares blankly at the board!

10. PTM

Yes, those dreadful parents-teachers meeting after which every parent would praise another student. Even if you scored 97, the other child would still be better than you because he scored 97.5! And during the meeting, some teachers complained, the parents retorted while we were so embarrassed – we stared at the floor!

Do you have any memory from school that you think about and say, “Oh, I miss that so much!”, “I wish I could go back and talk to that teacher!”? Share it with us in the comments section below:


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