5 Signs You Need Vitamin Y(oga) in Your Life!

Have you been behaving like Ebenezer Scrooge with everyone lately? Do you forget half the things on your to-do list? Do you feel you need multiple fidget spinners because you are always super restless? All these symptoms suggest that you lack vitamin Yoga in your life!

Yoga is not just for hippies wearing tie-and-dye T-shirts and making every possible bodily movement really slowly? Yoga has advanced a lot since the times of The Beatles, just ask Mr. Modi! Take a moment to check in and ask yourself whether you are exhibiting any of these signs...

1. You're always stressed

Something’s not okay – you have a constant feeling that you are running out of time and don’t have enough hours in the day to get work done. Even taking a short vacation doesn’t help – you’re always wired and tired!

2. You find it difficult to manage your weight

Leading a life that involves travelling, partying, working, etc. can take a major toll on your health. You might have gained a few extra unwanted pounds that you want to lose (thanks beer!). Also, all the late night office parties and Saturday night fever has left your under eye circles looking like black holes and your skin like the surface of the moon!

3. You have long sleepless owl-like nights (Hoot! Hoot!)

Maybe you just watched Dear Zindagi and you are fully convinced that you are an insomniac just like Alia Bhatt. You can’t seem to sleep no matter how many sheep you count; when you do finally manage to catch you zzz’s you seem to be unable to stay asleep and keep waking up from time to time. Your saving grace is coffee and fatigue has become a normal way of life.

4. Making a decision = Panic!

We’ve all made plenty of bad decisions in life but living in a constant fear of always making one is not normal. Have you been stressing about your decisions and your decision-making skill have gone down tremendously low? When it’s really tough for you to decide which flavor of yoghurt you need, it’s really a sign!

5. Over-reacting to everything

You lose your calm on the smallest things possible and your responses are too over-the-top to almost everything. Everyone around you is afraid to approach you, because they don’t want to poke the dragon and face inevitable doom. You get triggered by the drop of a pin and have no control over your reactions anymore. To others, you seem like a person who is constantly PMSing through their life.

Miracles of Yoga – I’m a real life example

Now now, we know how close we sound to your parents, lecturing you about how the cure to everything in this world is yoga (so annoying!). But take it from a person who is asthmatic and has a very persistent mother! My mom truly believes that anulomvilom pranayama is the solution to not only asthma but also global warming... Living in choked Delhi, every time I had difficulty in breathing, she would rush next to me and make me do some deep breathing exercises. Guess what!? It ACTUALLY worked! My breathing is so much more normal than it was ever before!

So, you see... you don’t have to trek to the highest mountain of Machu Picchu, or even the Himalayas to feel one with yourself and have stillness in life; just do a bit of yoga! Yoga is like a doctor’s prescription, where you have an asana for every problem possible! Plus it is so inexpensive; you can search for best online yoga videos and do it at the comfort of your own house. If you are incapable of that, then you can join a yoga studio; and who knows you might just find a yoga partner! *wink wink*

So, in the spirit of the International Yoga day 2017 (Wednesday, 21st June), let’s start and make every day a Yoga Day!

We don’t know about your religious views, but we truly believe that, "Yoga se hi hoga!":P

If you’re inspired to try it, please tell us in the comments section and we’ll send you a few awesome deals in your city!

With inputs from Ankita Bhardwaj


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