7 Party Ideas to End New Year with a Bang!

It’s almost time to ring in 2017! And definitely, you have all the reasons to celebrate it right. Whether it will be a lovely dinner with family or partying at a club, it has to be something that will give you all the happy feels. If you are planning to play the host and still haven’t figured how to go about it, start with deciding the theme. Scroll down to find 7 amazing themes that can work out superbly well, as long as they are executed well.

1. Glitter and Glam

If 2016 was dull year for you, then there is still time left to add a bit of spark to it. Plan a party that is oozing with glitter. So, a disco ball, shimmer glasses, a gold-and-silver dress code, masks, and so on. There is no harm in going overboard this once, right?

2. All about EMOJI’s!

The habit we all made this year was the overuse of emojis. With thousands of options, words have taken a backseat and smileys have taken over our conversations. Serenade this phenomenon by throwing an emoji-themed party. Dress up as your favourite one and dance the night away.

3. Moments of the Year Game

The Moments of the Year Game is a great way to relive your own 2016 and see how everyone else spent it. All you need to do is prepare cards that prompt guests to describe a moment of their year, such as the hardest they laughed, their best kiss, their happiest day, etc. Then, take turns picking out of the jar and sharing your memories.

4. New Year’s Resolution Cards

Part of New Year’s Eve is setting resolutions for the New Year. Turn this tradition into a fun game this year with this entertaining activity. Start by giving guests cards with unfinished resolutions on them, such as “The skill I wish to learn in 2017 is…” and “The bad habit I want to quit in 2017 is…” Once guests have filled out their cards, gather them together and read aloud at random. Then, have fun trying to guess which resolutions belong to each person.

5. Create Memory with Photo Walls

No party is complete without photos. Create a small yet interesting photo booth on the wall and entertain your guest by letting them capture memories.

6. Sneakers Squad

2016 was all about white sneakers and it will be perfect to end the year wearing them. From weddings to office meetings, white sneakers have taken over the world. Why not NYE? Wear that Little Black Dress, put on some lippie, and don those sneakers.

7. Best of 2016

Combine everything, good or bad that happened this year, and turn it into an epic party! Either it will be Donald Trump costumes or Coldplay music, and anything that defines this year to you — one last time.

So, let’s not wait! I hope you are inspired by these New Year's Eve party ideas. Which one you are going to pick up? Do let us know in comment section!


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