Around India in 21 Plates

The best way to understand a culture is to taste it! And if you want to understand Indian culture, do it through your stomach! India is a paradise for food lovers with a zillion options to suit every palette. It’s a mind-boggling array of goodies, but we’ve picked some signature mouth-watering dishes from different states. Pick any state and the food will have you planning a trip to that state in no time! Read on:

1. Khandvi - Gujarat

The common joke is that if an enterprising Gujarati had 10 minutes of free time, he would set up a food stall! It’s true – Gujaratis love their food – and indeed the state is a foodie’s paradise. Try the khandvi, a perfectly rolled, bite-sized breakfast snack, made with besan and buttermilk and tempered with a seasoning of mustard and green chillies. Delicate, and light on the stomach, pair it with your evening chai for a light treat.

2. Thalipeeth - Maharashtra

So you thought vada pao is the quintessential Marathi dish? The thalipeeth will make you think again! Kind of a pancake made with mixed flour called bhajani – it has the nutritious goodness of various grains and pulses. Usually served with mango pickle and tempered dahi.

3. Kakori Kebab - Uttar Pradesh

The melt-in-your-mouth kakori kabab was created in the dastarkhwan of Nawab Syed Mohammad Haider Kazmi of Kakori (a hamlet near Lucknow), to please his British guests. And since then, the succulent kabab, made from the finest leg of mutton, mixed with khoya and seasoned with white pepper is a favourite of foodies.

4. Laal Maas - Rajasthan

A colourful land with colourful people and colourful food. Try some laal maas – literally red meat. Rajasthanis are known to eat a lot of spices, as tomatoes and other vegetables are not native to the desert state. This lamb dish is made with a LOT of red chilies, some spices and some more red chilies. A fiery dish this one, will set your taste buds on fire!

5. Bal Mithai - Uttarakhand

Square pieces of chocolate fudge covered with dainty little white balls of sugar. This is a decadent treat from the hills of Uttarakhand, especially the hill town of Almora. The bal mithai has made its way into Kumaoni stories and will find a place in your heart as well!

6. Kahwa - Jammu & Kashmir

If ever a cup of tea could give you peace of mind or some solace, it is going to be with a cup of Kashmiri kahwa. It has the goodness of green tea, saffron, cinnamon and cardamom and is topped with slivers of almonds. Kashmiris love to have this with a piece of lightly sweetened sheermal bread, but it’s great to have it as it is.

7. Chhena Poda - Odisha

Traditionally made as an offering to Lord Jagannatha, this is a very popular cheese cake from Odisha, and literally means burnt (home-made) cheese. It’s flavoured with cardamom and some dry fruits. Best had with a cup of tea.

8. Sorshe Ilish - West Bengal

Bengalis wait for the rainy season to get their fill of ilish (hilsa), cooked in mustard sauce, and enjoyed with steamed rice. Fish lovers will really look forward to this.

9. Masor Tenga - Assam

A traditional sour fish curry, this is one of Assam’s signature dishes. The key ingredient in a tenga is the use of a souring agent which lends the dish a tart tangy taste. It’s also one of chef Gordon Ramsey’s favourite fish dishes, try it out!

10 & 11. Litti Chokha - Bihar & Jharkhand

This one comes with its own Facebook page! A staple in Bihari households, it consists of balls made of sattu (powdered gram), filled with ghee and traditionally baked in a cow-dung fire. Accompaniments include mashed potatoes, baingan bharta and some more ghee!

Why have we clubbed the states? Because litti chokha is a staple in both the states. Simple!

12. Bebinca - Goa

A classic Goan dessert, any celebration is incomplete with this layered sweet – whether it is a birthday, wedding, homecoming or farewell. Made with eggs, coconut, and custard flavoured with nutmeg, the layers would put any Masterchef to shame.

13. Virundhu Sappadu - Tamil Nadu

Served on a banana leaf, this meal fit for a king, is a traditional Tamil meal. It includes several courses with rice and different gravies or kuzhambus, and finished with payasam (kheer). Besides the usual sambhar, rasam and vada, also expect spicy chettinad chicken, layered paranthas and coconut mithai. Sit down for this one.

14. Singju - Manipur

A common dish in every Manipuri home, singju is a salad with local green vegetables, black sesame, chillies and often topped with a fermented fish called Ngari.

15. Thukpa/Gya-Thuk - Sikkim

This noodle soup is a one-pot nourishing dish designed to beat the cold climes of this North-Eastern state. Usually consists of chicken broth, tempered with garlic, green chillies and spring onions. Different veggies, meat and noodles make it very filling. One bowl will keep you going for a long time!

16. Baghae Baingan - Andhra Pradesh + Telangana

Said to one of the main dishes served in the Nizam’s royal courts, this dish has baby eggplants cooked in a gravy of coconut, caramelised onions, tamarind and peanuts. Poppy and sesame seeds are added generously. The final baghar or tadka is of a mix of cumin, mustard, methi and kalaunji (nigella seeds). Actress Dia Mirza swears by this Hyderabadi staple, and it’s very easy to see why!

17. Apang Beer - Arunachal Pradesh

Beer lovers, did you know that this small state brews its own rice beer, made from fermented rice or millet? It’s light and considered to be very nourishing. Up for a swig?

18. Sawhchiar - Mizoram

This flavourful ethnic Mizo delicacy is a stew prepared by boiling meat and rice together. The meat is pork, lamb or chicken. This awesome incorporation of rice and meat to form a sort of khichdi is simply delicious.

19. Pork with Bamboo Shoots - Nagaland

Folks from this land love their pork, and if you get a chance to visit this state, don’t miss out on the chance to feast on a pork curry. Fermented bamboo shoot and soya beans are also added to the gravy. The smell of bamboo shoots is a bit overwhelming but the taste is mind-blowing!

20. Awan Bangwi - Tripura

This is definitely one of the most unique dishes that hail from India. Made with sticky rice, Awan Bangwi is made only in Tripura. It is made by mixing rice, cashews sauteed in ghee, raisins, put in cones made of banana leaves and steamed. Very light but extremely gratifying. Definitely something worth trying!

21. Bedmi Poori - Delhi

Ok, so Delhi is a UT etc etc, but since this writer is based out of Delhi, I couldn’t resist talking about Delhi food as well. A melting pot with people from different states, Delhi has a multi-cultural food palette, with influences from all over the country. For an authentic Dilli food experience, we walked into the by-lanes of Chandni Chowk to bring you a vegetarian favourite – bedmi aloo. The bedmi (that is the poori) is made of wheat flour and stuffed with urad lentils & spices and is served with spicy aloo subzi. It’s a favourite with the Marwari community of Old Delhi and it will be worth your time to plan a trip to sample this delicacy. Take our word for it!

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If you have a favourite dish and it’s missing from this list, do drop in a comment and we’ll add it!

Bon appetit!


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