Blanching Will Get You Insane Volume!

Yes, it is official! Blanching your hair can give you va-va-voom volume in just 5 minutes or even less. And yes, it is just like blanching your veggies! If this isn’t intriguing enough, then I don’t know what else can be.. For a person who washes her hair every day and wears her hair sleek and flat, and has no time to style it or do whatsoever with it, this came as a pleasant change. I’m one of those people who would not waste that extra 5 minutes styling hair. I’d rather spend those last 5 minutes to perfect my cat-eye flick!

Just when I’d lost all hope with doing anything at all with my hair, I came across this thing called “blanching”. And it comes from the man behind Priyanka Chopra’s and Gisele Bundchen’s hair, Harry Josh. Just like you put veggies in boiling for about 30 seconds and then put them in ice cold water, well, this is what we do with our hair also.

Let us break the whole technique down for you.

1. Take some mousse

Prep up your hair using hair mousse. A good amount of mousse will lift up your hair and give volume. You need this so that your hair does become limp and sad through the day!

2. Dry just the roots

Since we’re usually very busy in the morning, we only just work on the roots using a hair dryer. Do this all over your head – from forehead to center to the nape of the neck. It will ensure that the volume and lift stays put all day.

3. Blanch

So once you’ve dried your roots, it’s time to blanch your hair. Put your hair dryer on the ‘cool’ setting and then blast your tresses with cold air until it’s complete dry.

4. Spritz hairspray

Lastly, spritz texturizing hairspray on entire length and run your fingers. Now you’re good to go and you still have time to do the cat-eye flick!


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