Breaking Stereotypes about Women on Wheels!

Women have always been at the receiving end of sexist remarks pertaining to our driving skills. Menfolk never really leave any chance to go about singing the dexterity of women on wheels. Here are 5 stereotypes about women on wheels and how we are breaking 'em!

1. Women drivers suck!

Studies show that women drivers are more cautious when it comes to driving and road rules. Hence, they are less likely to be involved in road rage and fatal accidents. There are also studies about how men get distracted on seeing women while women don’t gawk at men while driving!

2. Women and machines just don’t go together!

Well, well, well... women have driven spaceships so this statement doesn’t hold true. Women are tech savvy and they know their machines pretty well!

3. Women don’t know how to parallel park

I don’t know how to drive but the only person whom I trust behind the wheels is my sister. And she’s got some swell parking skills. Tiny parking spaces in shopping malls are no big deal for her, better than most men I know!

4. Women don’t care about performance

While it’s true that most women don’t understand what the numbers say, but they’re quite savvy when it comes to buying cars. Women want more than men. They want performance, design, more practical features and of course, more safety!

5. Women put on makeup while driving

This is completely false. Wearing makeup and looking good doesn't mean that the makeup's been done while driving or even before starting off!

On this Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, I specially want to talk about some cab-preneurs that are breaking the norm about women drivers in India. Sakha Consulting Wings and its parent organization Azad Foundation have trained a significant number of women in commercial driving, customer communication and self-defense. Women on Wheels, a program started in 2008 by the Azad Foundation, provide empowerment to poor women by employing them as professionally-trained cab drivers with Sakha Consulting Wings. Sakha is a cab-providing company for women by women as they provide private chauffeurs and cab drivers ensuring safety and security in Delhi-NCR and Jaipur.

The program also provides technical training, self-empowerment and self-development training which includes self-defense classes, classes on gender equality and legal rights of women, effective communication and financial literacy. These women are trained and groomed rigorously so that a smart and confident woman is behind the wheels of your car!

My vote of support goes to these fabulous women who are daring to do something traditionally ‘male’ and more so in this dangerous city. Next time you need a cab, do try them out.


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