Fill Your Brows Using Soap!

Yes, you heard it!

You can now fill your brows using the most unexpected beauty product – a bar of soap! Beauty fanatics around the globe often come up with crazy beauty tricks that use unexpected products from your bathroom or kitchen counter on Instagram and YouTube. So, I watched one of those Instagram vids and tried filling my brows with a soap bar and I must admit that the results were just amazing! The idea is to build a waxy texture over the brows using a transparent soap. It feathers out the hair and gives an illusion of fuller brows.

Take a spoolie brush, like the one pictured above, dip it in warm water and rub over the soap lightly. Rub your brows lightly outwards and upwards. Let it dry for some time. Once dry, apply your regular coloured eyebrow enhancing pencil in the same direction.

Are there any cons? Well, if used on a regular basis, it could cause some hair fall as the dried soap might pull out some hair. It can also take the moisture and dry out skin beneath those brows. So, if you want to achieve fuller brows with high arches in a jiffy, this trick will get your job done. But, I won’t recommend it for everyday use.


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