Holding on to Your Resolutions!

The first of January starts with the loftiest of resolutions, when we plan to change everything that is wrong with us. It’s commendable to make resolutions because we should start the New Year with lots of hope and positivity for the future. But as we know, a few days later, the resolutions are out of the window and we are back to our normal selves.

Here’s a look at the 5 most-broken resolutions and our take on what to do to keep at them:

1. I will lose weight

Always in multiples of 10…10, 20 (most common), 30 kilos! After noshing on way too many cake slices, cookies, butter chicken and naan combos, a vow to lose all that weight becomes very commonplace. I will join a gym/I will eat healthy are also subsets to this resolution. It’s not surprising that gyms and fitness centres witness a spike in membership at this time. (Hey, we have some great fitness deals as well!)

After a few days…

What you can do: Find a friend who will share your pizza (and eat most of it!) or smack you in the face when you try to overeat! That’s what true friends are for, after all!

2. I will quit smoking

It’s very noble of you to make this resolution. You should quit smoking, that’s right. Your lungs will thank you for it, your nails won’t be yellow anymore and the non-smokers in your social circle will appreciate your company even more.

After a few days…

What you can do: Ever heard of e-cigarettes?

3. I will spend more time with my friends and family

Ah, guilt! The foundation for all NY resolutions. You know you don’t see your parents enough, don’t make time for your friends always and don’t take enough vacations with your kids!

After a few days…

What you can do: This is the toughest one. And probably the only one where we’ll preach a bit. But you just need to find the time. As Chetan Bhagat said, “nobody remembers PowerPoint presentations on your final day. Work hard but make time for your love, family and friends”.

4. I will start saving

Ha-ha, right!

After a few days…

What you can do: Get realistic about this one. Shameless plug, but start saving while shopping online. Get deals on whenever you make plans to eat out or have fun. Trust me, every saving counts.

5. I will pick up a new skill

I’ll learn French. I’ll learn how to play the guitar. I’ll learn how to make the perfect tiramisu. I’ll complete that certification course I’ve already paid for but never finished. I’ll definitely learn how to how to drive and will buy my own car. It’s such a great thought to
learn something new that we wish people didn’t break this one.

After a few days…

I’ll do it, just when I have more time

What you can do: Give yourself some credit! You learn something new every day. Girls in the metro – can’t you make out from the person’s face and position about when they are going to get off? And that’s when you stand right in front to grab the seat! Now that’s a real skill!

Just remember:

Whatever your resolution, make sure you have a happy, exciting and rewarding 2017. Hope all your wishes come true!

Happy New Year!


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