Easy Fitness Tips for Busy People!

Winter months most often mean more food (healthy or unhealthy, we don’t even care!), cozying up in a blankie and a break from our regular workout routine. It also means that this is the time when most of us gain some kilos. So how do you include fitness in your routine when the days are short and you’re too busy beating the deadlines at work? No, we don’t want you to bring in your gym equipment to your desk, but the little things you do can help make a huge difference! Read on to know how you can include fitness into a busy schedule.

1.Carry comfy clothes

If you have casual work environment that allows you to wear casual clothing, then wear sneakers and comfy clothes. Take a walk around and walk up and down the stairs while you go grab a bite. If you’re not allowed to wear it to work, just keep a set with you, so that you can run for at least 5 minutes after work.

2. Buy a skipping rope

A jump rope is the easiest workout equipment and you can skip for 8-10 minutes while watching TV or you can also do a full cardio workout using these ropes!

3. Utilize mundane tasks

If you’re having an especially busy day at work, just include some movement in your everyday tasks. Squat while brushing teeth, push up on the kitchen counter, do leg exercises using a chair – you’d be surprised at how you can have movement without including gym or any gym equipment.

4. Choose something over nothing

Well, if you think that working out means dragging yourself to the gym, then you’re wrong. You don’t need an hour or even 30 minutes for workout! There are an umpteen number of mobile apps that tell how to workout in just 7 minutes and even less. Just take out 7 minutes, open the app and get started!

5. Challenge your friends

Monitor your health and fitness activities using fitbit or any other fitness app. Ask your friends to indulge in a fun challenging game. Like whoever climbs the maximum number of steps each day will be rewarded at the end of the year! You’ll realize just how fun these fitness games can turn out to be.

You can do so much without even committing to the gym or strict timings and you’ll always be on the move!

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  1. Hi , I completely agree with you that we have to make use of time and our surroundings to workout .I work in a 9-5 job and make sure to at least workout 5 times a week for 1 hour which includes weight training and 10 minutes of cardio.If I am not able to workout on a given day then I make sure to go for a walk in office during the lunch time. Regards,

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