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  • Bahtia Restaurant

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    • Bahtia Restaurant
    Bahtia Restaurant

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      Flat 90% off.

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    Bhatia Reatuarant is one of the finest restaurant.

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    Recently visited McD located in the P Block of Connaught Place is one of the best ones I've come across. I have almost always visited it only during the mornings, when it is absolutely peaceful to be here. The place wouldn't be crowded, and you will find mostly college students waiting for their friends, and the odd office goers, buried in newspapers catching up on the day's headlines. It is therefore way more relaxing at that time of the day, as you don't have to jostle for seats. The service still remains quick and sharp, and the staffs are fresh and welcoming.It is not exactly huge, but is good enough. The location being a relatively quiet one, but being on the main road, it is easily accessible for those who don't want to go all the way inside the inner circle of CP.


    we have visited MCD Outlet in Palakkad, Kerala on last month as part of our trip. We have enjoyed a lot over there. Highly professionals, good building, more spacious and nice food. I like Mc Donalds and pizza is also best. Mc D is the best place to eat burger with less cost and without tax. its budget restaurant. Mc D restaurant is suitable for all class people. with spicy veg and no
    n veg foods.


    Theres nothing extra to write about a Mc Donalds, other than its got some decent, but fattening snacks and that it is the symbol of operational excellence, global consumerism and capitalism. SOMe of their outlets are good but most are ordinary. Its a good alternative to the usual street fare.
    This is a life-saving Mc Donalds. I cannot count the no. of times this joint has come to my rescue when Im dying of hunger after a shopping session at Lokhandwala. Being in at the exit of a major shopping and residential hub, I suppose this outlet must be making a killing everyday!

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