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24 April 2015

Last month I had to go to a party and I wanted to take a package.So I started checking deals at and then I bought an amazing deal from mydala in which I bought a package that includes waxing, hair styling, manicure and pedicure at Vidya tikari studio.The stylist and beauticians are very trained.I must say mydala provides such a money saving deals for everyone.

10 April 2015

Seriously great place and the hairstylist there is the best. I often feel a disconnect when describing a style to a stylist but my stylist is truly present and absolutely NAILED the cut.I am now a regular here. She's a great conversationalist too. I'm very happy with my experience. Loved the waiting room out the back too. Very clean and ambient environment overall as well.

09 April 2015

The individuals who work here are splendid! I was hungry at 12 during the evening, each other spot was closed and nobody anyplace was willing to make any food. I actually went to all the restaurants and requested moves/cuts of Pizza, anything. I didn't even know World Pizza Journey
existed, and when I approached them for a cut of pizza, at first they said no. I left the restaurant towards my auto, and abruptly one of the server's runs up to me and say, "Hey,we have a cut of pizza for you". That was so kind; I backtracked, ate and paid. I went there again a couple of days back and the pizza was amazing! I generally set up pictures of nourishment or the restaurant, you folks ought to look at it.

08 April 2015

Amazing: Came here for the second time and once again the service and experience absolutely delivered beyond expectation. My hairstylist did my hair, and she is not only a pro, but fast,thoughtful and a joy to work with. Most times when you get colour you curse the experience 15 minutes in, but this started with a scalp massage and felt like a spa experience throughout.No awful fumes as the products are earth/people friendly and the space is low key and calming.Recommend highly.

07 April 2015

Great people and great services. I've finally found a place to get myself done up. It can sometimes be tricky getting an appointment in, but once you're in, you're set! It's a little small in there, but I've never seen it get crowded or anything. Just bring some reading material and you'll be fine. My stylist was super cute, too! Very good with scissors and a fun conversationalist. I could sit in that chair for hours if it wasn't for his efficiency!
I am definitely going to be a life-long customer.