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02 January 2015

I took up a voucher from mydala for astro consultation.
The person on the other side of the line asked me to send him all the details which I did.
He was supposed to send me a prediction by 5:30pm same day which I never got.
When I tried inquiring about the same they asked me to again send the details.
Then a girl calls up. She has no knowledge about astrology and punches in all my details into the computer and reads out something which was all fake.
She told me my financial condition is bad which was not. She told me my health was bad - lol... by the grace of***I am perfectly healthy. When she couldnt give me any satisfactory answer she told me my birth time is wrong I need to verify the same and get back. LOL... Biggest fake and stupidest predictions I have ever heard. They had asked me to send them two questions which they never replied or solved. Moreover they try to scare people and sell their rudrash products. Seriously pathetic.

Dear Shaiju, We apologise for the incorrect prediction given to you. Allow us 2 business days to organise a consultation with a very senior astrologer as you know some horoscope are difficult to read and yours was one of them. Be rest assured we are here and always ensure 100% satisfaction for our clients.

By Merchant 03 January 2015