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28 July 2015

When I took the deal i was under the impression that all the activities are available at Rajouri Garden. Jungle safari, Dinosaur Safari, virtual box, paint ball etc are not available. I enjoyed 7D adventure, horror house, spinning tunnle, mirror maze and laser battle. Activities are good but it will be too costly to enjoy activity without deal.

15 January 2013

Cafe Coffee Day most of times is termed as ccd is chain of coffee shops across india. It is a good place to spend some time be it be family or friends. Although they are not as good as Barista still it is worth going there. Ample space for sitting, good ambience and lots of variety for coffee and refreshment makes the person habitual of CCD. I am thankful for providing great deals at regular time for CCD.....

15 January 2013

great pizzas at affordable price. In most of places there is not room and number of pizza lovers are more than the arrangement made by dominos. Still people prefer to go there as less delivery time, wide choices and of course great taste. Till deals from are active it is no longer out of reach. More deals prompt the buyer to go there regularly. I thank for providing such great deals. Thanks

14 January 2013

It is chain of coffee shops across India. I am a frequent visitor of shop and I am especially impressed by their prompt service and ample space. The ambience is always neat and clean and their is enough room for everyone. Also when we get great deals from we are bound to go their more frequently !! With such discounts on the barista is no longer expensive anymore.