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05 June 2015

Got an amazing offer at Pratibimb Salon & Spa. I had taken a package that include waxing, facial, bleach, manicure and pedicure and hair wash and got 45% off on mydala deal. I was really very happy with this package. The salon was good. Beautician was very friendly and polite. Mydala gave me an amazing offer. In love with this salon. Definitely visit again.

05 June 2015

I have been searching for a salon like this and I 'm so happy I discovered it on and booked my appointment with mydala deal. The ladies working here genuinely make this salon inviting. Through deal I go 50% off on services. Truly, they are the sweetest, most friendly staff I've ever experienced. This place is clean and all around supplied with the most recent nail decals, acrylic sparkles and great collections of gel colours. I truly admired the attention I got there. This is my standard nail salon without a doubt.

22 May 2015

Went there for Gold facial, manicure and pedicure. Had a very nice experience. I love the manicure and pedicure and strongly recommended. The beautician was very warm, funny and friendly. She gave me a pretty good facial. Her hands were very soft and I really feel relaxing. After facial she offered me coffee. I had a pleasant experience at this salon and I left this salon happily.

04 May 2015

Amazing place to get your brows threaded! If you are looking for an eyebrow perfectionist, look no further!

My friend took me here, and I'm so glad she did because I felt very comfortable and at ease the whole time. This was my first eyebrow threading, and it did not hurt at all. I am told I have a high pain tolerance though. The Beautician is really sweet lady who will listen to what you want. She is really honest, and she gives 110% in customer satisfaction. The whole process was about 15 minutes and I'm totally satisfied.

04 May 2015

My stylist at this salon is simply amazing. He took the time to consult with me and did a great job on my haircut and hair styling. I had a mydala deal for this salon. He took his time to consult me about how I can take care of my hairs and I really appreciate this! I would probably recommend this salon to anyone who wants an awesome experience with their hairs. Keep this
awesome work guys!!!

30 March 2015

Great people and great services. I've finally found a place to get myself done up. Went there with mydala deal. It can sometimes be tricky getting an appointment in, but once you're in, you're set!It's a little small in there, but I've never seen it get crowded or anything. Just bring some reading material and you'll be fine. I always walk out feeling amazing. The beautician at this parlour is super cute, too! She always manages to sneak in a, "Oh, your eyebrows are so perfect!" And this is before she starts! Let me tell you: That never gets old. The hairstylists are very good with scissors and a fun conversationalist. I could sit in that chair for hours if it wasn't for his efficiency!I am definitely going to be a life-long customer.

28 March 2015

My friend purchased mydala coupon for me for a deep cleansing facial, bleach, waxing and hair spa and I'm so happy she did it for me! I had a lovely experience. The staffs were friendly, welcoming and the place is small, but cute. The woman who did my facial was very polite and gentle. She did an excellent job. I have very sensitive and acne prone skin and I am on two strong topical medications, including a retinoid. She was very cautious about this and extra gentle. My skin is usually irritated after facials and bleach, but it was not at all. She did a very thorough job with the extractions and was very gentle. I will definitely visit this salon again.

28 March 2015

Unbelievably good. I've never had somebody be so attentive to my face before, including my mom. My beautician literally plucks out ONE hair, exclaiming that that one hair can make all the difference. I don't question it, because my beautician knows my eyebrows.
I love how she wants you to look as beautiful as possible, even by that one tiny strand. She commented on how my eyebrows (though threaded) did not look even, but 15-20 minutes, my two eyebrows were shaped and matched.
Love her work! Albeit a bit expensive, but so worth it. Your eyebrows are essential features of your face, so treat them well!

25 March 2015

Recently got cash back through at Garnier frutics anti dandruff shampoo. I sometimes get a lot of dandruff and my scalp is always so itchy and dry depending on the weather. I always used those medicated strong smelling dandruff shampoo until I see this Garnier Fructis fortifying shampoo anti dandruff. It has a thick and creamy texture. It worked so amazing and it smelled great too. It didn't have that overpowering smell and it removed my dandruff in just a few days. My scalp wasn't so itchy anymore and it deep cleaned my hair from root to tip. My hair felt a lot cleaner and it looked healthier. My hair was really shiny after and it wasn't too heavy for my hair. I would definitely buy this shampoo again if I ever get dandruff again. It was affordable in price and they sell this at almost any drugstore. I would highly recommend this to anybody who gets bad dandruff, if you hate using those medicated strong scented ones then try this shampoo you'll be glad you did.

20 March 2015

Attended a party here. Food is decent, veg is better than non-veg-Manchurian, fries, Paneer Tikka, chilly paneer-all these among others were good. The DJ is really good, really played some nice numbers-Bollywood mainly. Though there are some cleanliness issues.
Their dinner is good too, dal and chicken and mixed veg and paneer, everything is good.
It's a good place to arrange a dinner party, though I won't recommend it for a couple because one might feel a little out of place if a party has been arranged here! So head to this place to hang out in groups.

13 March 2015

Have tried many brands of Atta till now in my quest to enhance my roti making experience every day, and no other Atta delivers like Aashirvaad Atta. It comes from the house of ITC Foods, a trusted and well-recognized brand all over India. Aashirvaad Atta helps in making soft, fluffy, yummy fulkaas and rotis/chapattis.I have been using whole wheat Atta - 0% Maida & 100% Atta for many months now and I am totally satisfied with this product. Recently I purchased 10 kg Atta with mydala coupon and got 30 rs cash back. Readymade Atta saves us a lot of trouble of procuring the wheat grains, ensuring they're clean and grinding them from a mill. Good Atta and I definitely recommend it.

10 March 2015

This place offers food at affordable prices. You can enjoy a normal meal at this place. The ambiance, location and interiors of this place are good. The staff is all efficient and the best thing is you do not have to wait too long to get your order. The working of this place is quite fast. Which I liked the most about the place was their courteous staff. However they need to improve their food the food was alright but nothing alluring or mouth-watering it was just that you can eat one but not what can make you crawl to this place again and again. You can visit this place to catch up a normal meal with friends.

10 March 2015

I am addicted to massage and spa so I have been to many places. I must say LUSH spa in one of a kind. I felt I have been invited to someone's place. The waiting area is actually replica of a traditional English kitchen. I have been told by the therapist that all the furniture is recycled. I felt no rush from the therapist and she took the time to explain the whole treatment and the awesome products that she's going to use.
It is very hard to explain the treatment itself. It is a combination of fragrance, unique music and the massage itself just took me to another place.
The spell focuses on the feet to move forward but she also did a nice head massage with hot stone on my temples. I think I snored from the beginning.
Absolutely delighted and surprised!