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13 March 2015

So finally I got my first tattoo. My friend gave me a mydala coupon for this tattoo studio and I am very happy she did this for me. I got in and my tattoo artist was super mellow. Loved that. The place was busy, always a good sign. She did her paper magic and got the stencil ready. Placed it down and I was ready. All in all it didn't take long at all. Didn't hurt much (forearm inside). I always read my manual before using any tech gear and follow instructions. She was super patient with me and all in all a pleasure to work with. I even called the place 3 days later to ask about when to use lotion and the guy who answered was super nice and deal with all my questions very well. No attitude given.
I already have plans for a second piece, bigger of course. I plan on seeing my tattoo artist again for the new piece, some day in the future.
Nice, talent artists who don't make you feel stupid when you ask beginner questions.