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05 May 2015

Love the ambiance of this place.I can spend hours together sitting here.Located at the by lane near Talaopali this place is a small cafe well designed with simple beautiful interiors. The staffs are courteous and welcoming. Menu is aptly designed with salads bagels pizzas sandwiches
pastas and of course many options in beverages. Green tea with honey is a must try. I just love the way they serve it. You can only believe it when you yourself go there n try it out. Pink pasta is my second choice here. But only problem is that there is no uniformity in the taste of the preparations on the menu. Every time you visit the taste differs.

30 April 2015

Game of Legends is a very youth oriented sports bar with a fantastic ambiance and this Place is go for people living in west Delhi.Good place to chill out with your friends, a very attractive bar with loads of options.Amazing appetizers both veg and non-veg and the main course is also very good. Would recommend this place to everyone.

09 April 2015

With Amazon I had one of the best online shopping experiences. I have ordered a number of items from Amazon. Their delivery is quick, mostly before time. Once I had some issues with seller as he wasn't responding and I had no clue about my ordered item. It took a little time but I got my refund. Thanks Amazon.

06 April 2015

A pleasant cafe house in more prominent Noida. Serves Hookah at the primary spot, food is great doubtlessly however restricted to a not very many decisions, expense are kept apropos for school people. Great Ambiance, nobility is likewise better when contrasted with different places in Greater Noida.

31 March 2015

Really a very great place to visit. Was waiting for something like this to open in Punjabi Bagh because of the poor service quality and not so good food at other same places. Infrastructure and the interiors are just so fabulous that other lounges in the area can't match. Food quality is also the best. All the dishes are just so great but 1 of my favourites is Chicken Skewers. Variety of drinks also available. Must try. All in all a very good place to be at. I had been here 4-5 times during the past 1 month and today only visited it again.