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04 May 2015

Great salon!!!I was able to get my haircut and hair spa at the same time. Got a new hairstyle that I really like. Price was also reasonable with mydala deal. Had a good communication with the stylist. She treated me very kindly and I am definitely going back to this salon for my future needs.

04 May 2015

I had a fantastic experience with the Guns N Needles tattoos. I had my second tattoo at this place. I got a little mermaid tattoo and it looks so beautiful and original. Tattoo artist was very professional. He listened to me what I wanted and gave me useful suggestions for my future tattoo. He was very focused at his work. I also really appreciate that he gave me big chuck of his time and did not rush. Everyone was very friendly and professional. The work space was very clean and safe. Parking facility was also available. I really enjoyed the work he did and hope to be back in future. I am planning one more tattoo and hope to get it here.

30 April 2015

We have been coming to this salon for a number of years, and have been very happy with it.The hairstylists are incredibly warm and friendly, and always pay special attention to their customers. They did a great job in offering hair cut and hair highlighting service, and also gave a cut to my very picky son's and daughter's hair to their satisfaction.The beautician is so sweet and gives a very relaxing and professional manicure and pedicure.The salon is unpretentious, very clean, bright and comfortable.

10 April 2015

Amazing hospitality, excellent service, highly professional. Had been to lot of other spas, as I am a spa freak, but always had to face some or the other constrains. Sometimes the ambience is not good, sometimes the staffs misbehaves. The most crucial part, paying amount like 2k, 3k was never a worth.
I visited Red Sparrow Thai Spa with mydala deal which was really a money saving deal for me, I enjoyed the massage and it was a big time stress buster. After the entire tiring day getting such massage, nothing like it. Thanks to the Thai spa!!!!

09 April 2015

This place is amazing; they've got some cool pink colour furniture that makes it worth going for once at least. We went there with mydala deal. The food options are quite attractive and tastes authentic. The first floor was reserved by my friends and we achieved complete privacy (in a sense other customer weren't intruding) and so comfortable cause we would talk as loud as we want to without bothering anybody. The night parties with free entry for woman are absolutely awesome and safe. It does not have creepy crowd.
Overall, this place is just amazing and one of my favourite places.

07 April 2015

Awesome, amazing, super tattoo studio.
The studio: it's very clean, cozy and comfortable. They do everything to make you feel good. Everybody is super friendly, and exceptionally professional. Needless to say, they are extremely careful to the hygiene; every part of the studio is kept clean all the time, and every single part that touches your skin is brand new, and it's changed all the times. Plus, the music is incredibly cool.
My tattoo artist was literally incredible. I already thought so when I saw her works on the magazines and the Internet, but as soon as she started working on me; I deeply realized how unique her work is. Perfection and creativity come so easy from her hands, that you don't even realize how fast, a unique piece of great art, is growing on your skin. I really had a wonderful experience at this tattoo studio.