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09 June 2015

I ordered a book and was expecting a fresh copy of book. But unfortunately they sent very old book. When I filed ticket to return it as soon as I got it, they sent me mail next day that they can not take it back as they were sure that the book was new. I'm a regular reader since childhood and know difference between old books and new ones.

I'm very disappointed by the book that I got and they way they have denied for taking it back though it's not violating any policy. Avoid shopping from this website. It's not value for money. Instead buy from some local store after reviewing product well.

19 May 2015

Worst salon I have ever seen. I got a hair cut and its the worst haircut I have ever had !! Also my friend accompanied me there for straightening which resulted in "original" hair only. After 3 days of waiting, hair were not straight at all. After asking them and having lot of arguments with them, they did straightening again and finished in 2 hours only !! Now you can imagine what the****they would have done. Hair are still same after that. People there do not have sense how to talk to clients and is very rude and rigid and never accepts their mistake. They will waste your time, money in the name of straightening so avoid going there.
They are very unprofessional people and untrained staff. They don't use branded products. In the bottle of L'oreal, they have some other local product to cheat clients. The salon is very*****and the washroom too.
Don't go there and waste your money. It's not more than a local barber shop with untrained, rude and unprofessional management. Disgusting!