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03 August 2015

Although the gym is fine with good equipment, trainers and all but there marketing people are a bunch of liars, who are sitting there giving false promises.
I received a message from them with 1300 pm membership, upon visit they told me about service tax & registration fee wasn't included in the offer. So they asked me to shell out 1500 pm for membership fee & another Rs. 2100 for registration. Though I should have not trusted them in first place after witnessing how low on transparency they are I still joined. Now after completion of one month when I was gonna renew my membership they came up with another story that it was now compulsory to opt a quarterly membership and the cost being 8500 for same which was almost twice what they had offered when I had joined. When I asked for my Rs.2100 back, because I wasn't getting what I was promised they refused to do so, telling it was non-refundable.
So as a recommendation to prospective joiners, you may very well get impressed by the ambiance of the GYM because definitely it is good but be prepared to get conned like I was and your deal against which you are signing up may change abruptly.