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New Industrial Town, Faridabad

02 June 2016

A very nice experience, if you are bored of your regular food and the usual location, must try the different dishes at this restaurant specially the non-veg snacks!
Will surely be back at this restaurant for some different dishes.

Home Delivery

12 February 2016

A decent place for having some good snacks with your friends, the service is okay too although they can improve a bit, all together a pretty decent place.

Punjabi Bagh

01 February 2016

Fantastic food! I went with my friends and we all loved what we ordered. Little pricey but no complaint in terms of food. If you really want to buy some good food this is the place to check out. The dishes at Sura Vie surpass everything else I have ever had. The dishes are superb and are expertly seasoned. The chicken was cooked very well and was flavourful. I am definitely looking forward to eating here again, and would full-heartedly recommend it!

Satya Niketan

20 January 2016

Now if you are a momos fan, go to this place. Not only momos but everything you find in the menu is as good at taste as you can expect. It is good for an outing and having a time out here.

Sector 54 Gurgaon

11 January 2016

Great ambience, quick service and yummy food. Satisfies every parameter for a good local cafe. Loved their Nutella based products, definitely to die for!