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Andheri West

29 April 2016

I have lived across the street frm this place for about 3 years, and just tried this place out finally...oh how I missed out on literally years of great haircuts! I wish I would've given this place a shot sooner.

After trying out several other salons in the area, I was never completely happy with my experience. I gave this place a shot and was delighted with the results. salma was very sweet and easy to talk to, which I appreciated, as that's sometimes hard to find in a stylist! She layered my hair to perfection and when I went home to style it (she basically did a****out and it was pretty much straight) I took a curling iron to it and it was just the cut I was hoping for...and just like the example photo I brought in too, which is also not very common. but yes she rejected this all in package i have to take haircut frm her by paying extra , she dont work with package and as i heard a lot about her so really dint mind to go out of the package and pay exra , my friend got the haircut in package but that was done by junior staff and she was happy too but she dint get the chance of setting it out in package itself .....

the result of the package is not bad as its a very small and unbeliavable amt for so many service i think they really doing a lot

Woo hoo! My only complaint was that the appointment ran a teensy bit long (2 hours) but since the cut is perfect, I can't complain too much. : )

I'll definitely be back!