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17 September 2016

They don't have any value for time. In spite of being an existing prepaid member and having taken an appointment, the stylist doesn't bother to reach on time. I had an appointment at 10 A.M, I reached there 10 mins before time, but the stylist did not turn up until 10.30 and was not even receiving calls frm the salon. I finally left and after reaching home at around 10.50 A.M i get a call frm the Salon that the stylist has arrived, can you come over. Huh!!
They don't bother to inform customers that there would be a delay. Moreover, they give lame excuses that there is a problem with the trains, due to which the stylist is delayed, whr as one of their employees had already informed that the stylist stays nearby and would reach in a few minutes. They don't even have the courtesy to apologize.