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17 May 2013

I prefer my Client Meetings at cafe coffee day. A cup of cappuccino with the cozy but professional ambiance of CCD is a perfect thought that comes to my mind when I think of convincing my clients for business purpose. The low music does not let you get bored but also does not interrupt your business talks. They also provide free wi-fi that is an added advantage in case your personal internet device is not giving you good speed. If I talk a bit about my luck, most of my meetings at CCD have been successful. And how can I forget to mention that with respect to all the comfort, great coffee & snacks the bills have a lighter impact on your pocket.... I also love to hang out with my friends @CCD...

16 May 2013

veg and non veg both are awesome.. service is also excellent. Best quality food at nominal price. one of my favorite options when i think of non veg food.

16 May 2013

Setz (earlier Zest) gained popularity very fast, maybe because at that time it was the only restaurant in Emporio mall - one of the most luxurious malls in India. The ambience is lively and the decor is visually appealing. The epicenter this restaurant is a see through kitchen where you can see a few chefs at work - they actually look like artists creating their next masterpiece. Care has been taken to make dining here an interesting experience here. All these factors take the focus away from the taste and flavors, which are good but nothing extraordinary.

16 May 2013

I am a big fan of frozen yoghurt and visit Ambience mall's Cocoberry outlet often. However, one sunday evening as I walked out of the foodcourt, I saw an outdoor setting of Red Mango, with its enticing array of fresh fruits, granola and other parfait ingredients. Unlike Cocoberry, they allow the customer to help themselves with the frozen yoghurt and the toppings. How much you put is upto you, and you pay according the weight. An interesting strategy I thought. I asked for the medium-sized cup, and filled it myself with some yoghurt and fruit toppings. I didn't go over the top, and tried to fill in an adequate amount, as much as the Cocoberry guy would put for you. They weighed it, and the bill was a whopping Rs. 495. Even though the fruit quality and quantity was significantly better than Cocoberry's, it's just not worth the price.

16 May 2013

There will always be "waiting" at this place..nthe best thing about pind balluchi is the ambiance, staff, decor and the Durban who stands outside ..nnHustling and bustling with people this is not the place for quite dinner...its for eating Punjabi style..nservice is also fine..nThe food is made punjabi style and taste and almost everything is good..nPrice: affordable , alcohol is cheap, the rotis are overpriced...nnP.S. the amazing parts are the big brass cutlery and jaggery served with bill gives it the authentic Indian touch...

16 May 2013

Nikashee is a quaint little chinese outlet based in the heart of malviya nagar, the place is usually bubbling with a lot of couples and mixed groups. The decor is nice and the ambience is simple yet elegant. The first thing that struck me about the place was - the service, which was top notch. The food arrives in almost no time. We ordered the much coveted lemon coriander soup with chicken which was pretty awesome. The soup tasted fresh and bustling with flavour. A must try ! Then we went for some poultry in the starters - namely the much coveted chilly chicken which was a place's special. We had it made a bit sweet with a tinge of honey, which backfired a bit as it turned out a bit sweet, but was nevertheless tasteful. We then went for fried rice with prawns in a shezwan sauce, a bit bland for my liking but the prawns were fresh and were tastefully prepared. This is not the chinese which maintains its authenticity, but is something which as been tamed to suit the indian palette. A must go for a casual outing or a take away.nnTaste : 6/10nAmbience : 6.5/10nService : 8/10nValue for money : 7/10

16 May 2013

Whenever we used to pass this place we could always hear loud music and we used to wonder how come there's party each time..nand then we entered it...and it was like I had imagined..nDark interiors...sofas scattered here and there..a group of teenagers dancing on bollywood music...nand at the end few girls swaying here and there..nthis is the place to Party....with your friends..nyou cannot come for quite dinner...nmostly famous for Hookahs ..nstarters are good..portion is less...nservice takes time...nnVerdict; if you like dingy interiors and if you are restricted teenager who has got a licence to party..this is the place...

01 May 2013

A perfect place for all your beauty grooming needs. Well trained staff perfect with their hospitality. Hygienic and clean place. I will rate it 4 out of 5.

27 December 2012

The clubs in South Delhi, specially the ones in the group of malls (Select city walk,dlf,mgf) like hard rock, ice lounge etc are a good choice considering the safety factor as the mall itself has got good security arrangements also is backedup by regular Police Patrolling around the mall area. However every one should make plans in groups with reliable friends. Make sure you have your own Conveyance and you dont rely on public transport in case you are partying late (in most cases it will go beyond 12midnight). Let ur parents and your close friends know of all contact details of all members of your party group. Ensure that there is limited drinking & the group member driving you back to home does not consume alcohol, as it is said DONT MIX DRINKING & DRIVING. Keep some speed dials on ur mobile handy and be vigilant. In case of any fishy activity around dont be hesitant to call for help. Last but not the least your mobile phones fully charged & recharged to cal for any help if required

14 December 2012

Gangsta Paradise..... One of the oldest and most popular tattoo parlor of West Delhi.... He has got tremendous experience of tattooing and the tattoos he makes are simply Amazing..... Not only the tattoos made by him are memorable but the time spent with him while getting the tattoo done is also memorable, as he cracks so many jokes that you forget the pain of needles inserted in your body to get inked, and get a smile on your face and when you finally see the tattoo your smile gets even wider & brighter..... I feel it is the perfect place to get yourself inked.....