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17 April 2017

I had been to Niks kothrud branch on sunday evening around 6:20 pm. I did not take an appointment and the lady at the reception told me to wait for 45 minutes so i decided to wait as i wanted to get my haircut done. At 7:15 like after almost waiting for an hour she said you will have to wait for 15 mins more. I was being patient with her then it was 7:45 pm in the clock like almost after an hour she said you will have to wait for 30 mins more. I really felt like i should slap her and tell are u fucking mad or what because if she had told me earlier that if you dont have an appointment you will have to wait till evryone is done then i would have gone home but she did not tell me this before and kept me waiting for 1:30 hours which was pathetic and then I asked you why did not you tell me it will take this much long she was laughing at me and she said as you did not had an appointment you have to wait. I mean are you guys really crazy ? Please value peoples timing. i had to catch a flight in next few hours and i literally wasted fucking 2 hours just sitting at NIKS Salon. Please hire some educated staff who can understand watch and who can value their customers . I would suggest please do not go to this Kothrud branch as these people are stupid and irresponsible. I hated this experience and I would suggest everyone not to go to NIKS.