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Subhash Nagar

15 July 2017

Not good. Just the setting and infrastructure is good not the services.brNegatives--brService is not goodbrProducts they use are not good qualitybrPackages are not worth the pricebrStaff is nice but trained to be irritating as they keep asking you to upgrade the service with extra money.brThey don't give you what they offer online. brbrWaxing was not done neatly and done superfast.brbrFacial is minimum of 40 minutes(cleaning 5mins, scub 10mins, steam 5mins, massage and blackheads removal 20 mins, then facepack) and they do this whole thing in 20 mins which is merely a clean up and not a facial.brbrPedicure and manicure is even worst. All they do is soak ur hands and feets in warm water and just give a quick scrub and brush rubbing after. Adding a word like deluxe in front of pedicure is an insult of its meaning. You have to promptly ask for a nailpaint after.brbrHairspa is just okay. Atleast they follow the process.brbrBleach is good.brThreading is good.brNever going back again..

Ashok Nagar

28 May 2017

Im pleased with all the services. Packages are good. Price is value worth. They are good, logical and easy going at their work. Nice. Keep up the good work AKSH.