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27 November 2012

experience was good,ambiance was quite good

24 November 2012

This is regarding a worst experience I had with Fair and Fit Salon, Koramangala on Saturday, the 23rd of June. First of all, the products they use are not branded. They use third grade products which is available in market for a throw away price. Secondly, they do not use aroma products as mentioned in the offer. Massage offered was very bad. Someone must have told the therapist that applying oil to the skin and immediately wiping it off is called a massage. Head massage was done with a cotton swab dipped in one drop of oil and the duration was only 2-3 minutes. The eye care massage and foot massage were done for hardly 2 seconds. This again is only application of cream/oil on the desired area. I had a very unprofessional treatment. I was wearing a top with a collar. The therapist tried to start facial with the same clothes. I insisted that she must provide me a facial gown to change. But, they didn?t have one. Hence, I asked for a towel. If I hadn?t asked, they would have spoiled my top. I wasn?t asked for what facial I want though in offer I had a choice of lotus/aroma. The beautician said she had already started with lotus facial. However, when I saw the products used, I found local facial creams and in the label nothing was mentioned like lotus/aroma. Hair wash wasn?t done properly. Also, the****dry wasn?t proper. There was no provision given to climb up to the massage bed which is quite high from the ground level. There is only one therapist and she has to handle 2-3 customers at a time. She has a male helper who does only pedicure and manicure. There is no receptionist to pick the calls and they both keep shuttling between the reception and the salon. The owner seems to be money minded and I heard her call atleast 10 times in 2 hours duration checking about the number of clients. My friend had also taken appointment along with me and she couldn?t come to the center. Had she come on that day, the poor therapist would have had a real bad time shuttling between 4 customers. The owner of the salon kept calling me every day to check when my friend is coming. After such a poor service, my friend decided not to take the service. People take massage packages to relax themselves. However, I came out of the parlour stressed. The same mydala is offering very good packages with quality salons like ?Trans studio, Jayanagar?. In trans studio, we can expect quality treatment with branded [promised] products. However, the same mydala has tie-up with third grade salons like Fair and Fit. I pity the two therapists in the parlor as they have a tough time with flooding customers and phone calls. With the kind of pressure, they at least tried to give me the best service. However, the deal wasn?t worth.