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30 July 2014

I had bought this voucher from Mydala and opted for Sector 12 Dwarka outlet. However, on presenting the voucher, the owner denied it and said all such schemes had ended or valid only on certain days. I presented the sms to him and he agreed that there is no such thing mentioned in the voucher however he has not been intimated by Mydala about this scheme and he will not be able to process it. As I had already placed the order and did not want to disappoint my friend, I agreed to pay the amounts for both the swirls.

Mydala, please explain why does this keep happening repeatedly? This is the second time it has happened and I skipped writing the review the first time. However, I cannot place my trust in Mydala any longer as it continues to create such embarrassing situations.

Please explain your stand and refund the amount for the regular swirl.