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18 July 2013

if you want to go for quick stling and great looks you can choose Adorn..its fantabulous place to get in....excellent services and proper hygiene is maintained....loved it..thanks adorn!!!

12 June 2013

These days busy schedule doesn't allow us to relax completely.After 2 months of hectic office hours..i planned to relax...i found a good spa near my place..i went there with a thought that i will relax and relax..nothing i enterd the was so soothing..a very warm welcome and interior was also very good ..jasmine fragrance was sensual and it actually refreshed my mood...i took abhyanga to relax give my whole body a relaxed treatment...the mystic spa says they have real professional masseur and they actually proved it.. it was very relaxing and rejuvenating experience altogether...for an hour i forgot every danmn tension...a very comfortable environment...i must say hygienic, soothing, relaxing, rejuvenating , energizing, and a complete relaxation of body and soul...3


12 June 2013

it was my birthday last year and i was searching for a good place to party in. one of my friend suggested me that lets go to FIO,i was bit in confusion but then i planned it. We were 8 people and around 7pm we reached there. ..its a great place...the environment is majestic...i am a nature lover..and there is greenery all around and peace...i felt as if i am somewhere in heaven..the soothing ambiance refreshed my mood we were in big number so we decided to have dinner in an open area..which was decorate well...i loved the way FIO maintained its decorations....different lighting ...specially the yellow lights and the colorful drapes....trees are there...wooden tables...and awesome food...mouth watering amritsari goli aaloo...amazinggg and in drinks i liked was a geat great experience of wine and dine in.....i m in love with FIo ...i suggest my friends to visit it atleast once for a mood refreshment therapy...the rate it 10 out of 10.......great place..!