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18 March 2015

Dear people,

I have visited this place for hair straightening after gettin a deal fm mydala.after entering this place the owner lady tried to convince me to pay high for same deal but whn i decided leave she agreed for same price but 500 rs extra in the name of tax etc.I wish i wud have left that my horror when dey started straightening service (deal was for l'oreal cream)i felt different smell of the product and i checked few times she n her staff told me its loreal only.they never opened the product infront of me n was gettin cream from sure it was a cheaper cream.and during conditionin i have seen dey were using one local product.that too she use peanut quantity.

but after the treatment i came bk home my severe hair fall started.u blv it or not while combin or touchin i lost whole portion of hair in 3 parts.(nw its like regrowth happens after we shave)when i cheked t with this woman she said its new growth.then i went to skin doctor n another beuty parlour dey both confirmed it happend due to cheap product and it touched my root while dey applied cream due to lack of experience in straightening n waitin for my long hair to grow :(

I request if u love yr tresses pls dont go der even if its free service.she is just greedy n cheat by using cheaper products on the cost of our hair.