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30 June 2013

Getting a spa done, a person really needs to be cautious about many things like the place,hygiene etc because it can involve certain perils.You need to take off clothes in front of strangers and also might have to shower in eccentric bathrooms.

Aura(The Park, Connaught Place) is the one i trust. As the name suggests,it gives a different aura when you enter the place and even after you leave. It leaves this place antithetical from the rest of the spa centres.

One fine day, I felt like pampering myself and i decided to go to Aura for a spa therapy(as suggested by one of my colleagues). When i entered the place, a hospitable staff welcomed me.They were very friendly and made me even more comfortable in talking to them.The room i was allotted was ravishing and very attractive, having candles all around and a soothing music.My therapist asked me to do all the needful before she starts. I was very hesitant in the beginning . But her polite and sweet voice mellowed me down. She started lingering her fingers on my back and then i was lost.I was lost in that massage with the oil she used and was very assuasive. I had opted for lemon and ginger oil; other options being sandalwood, eucalyptus,black pepper,lemon grass and many more.

The therapy was followed by a facial massage which literally left my face lambent and lucent. There are other massages as well which are relatively hard enough.Coming out of the centre i felt euphoric..
It is one of the best spa centres i have experienced.. Go for it.. For the best experience ever..

30 June 2013

Customer is the king. Madonna hair and beauty salon veritably abides by this. Customer satisfaction should be the top priority for any service provider and Madonna has been quite successful in doing the needful. They have specialized services for hair and skin.
I being a regular customer(Madonna-green Park) for haircuts, threading, waxing etc need to tell you that this is the place for you if you are really finicky about cleanliness and hygiene (because i am..). The staff here work in a very hygienic manner as they should.
They wash the knifes, scissors, combs every time before use. They use clean strips. They give clean towels and focus on the sanitary more. When it comes to hair, the only complaint most girls or women have, that they just go for trimming and the result is that their hair get cut majorly. At Madonna, my hairstylist always gives me a different look whenever i go for a haircut and also takes care about the length to be cut. There are skin experts as well and they would be there to guide you, what would best suit your skin.Their skin treatments are remarkably very good.Madonna also offers bridal packages with reasonably good discounts.
Jubilantly, i would recommend you to go to Madonna for any such parlour work. They are trustworthy and you can be tension free and the facilities you get here are outstanding. They actually abide by the saying that "Customer is the real King"

30 June 2013

If you consider the hypothetical or shall we say the real situation where you have 8 hungry people with you, out in the scorching heat looking for a retreat and especially a place to get drinks and food where one can enjoy the ambience. A place which is youth friendly and has a decent outpour of people then hands down, Route04 (Connaught Place) is the place to be (and I'm talking about weekends here!!)
When you enter Route04, you are greeted by the infamous figure of bumble bee which stands tall to your right. The venue consists of two floors and the ground floor is an imitation of the American diner, surrounding an open bar, with a large or should we say humongous variety of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks. The good part is still to come when you ascend to the upper level and as you enter, your rock-n-roll hormones start kicking in and with its dim lighting and comfortable seating, the place is an instant hit.

The service and the staff were immaculate and really helpful. The food that we got a chance to hog on consisted mainly of snacks was really great, consisted of cheese balls, chicken tikka, nachos, chicken lollypops and white sauce pasta. There was nothing that can be criticized about the food. Everything was delicious and served hot. The drinks were chilled and served quite well. And if you happen to be there during happy hours, you can drink till your capacity allows. The service was very quick. The menu was quite vast and had a sumptuous variety of Thai, Chinese, Mughlai; a very good amalgamation of whatever that tingles your taste buds and yes to your heart's content!!

And not to miss out on the classic rock, blues and metal music that they played. You can actually jump on your seat and sing them out loud (we actually pulled that off!!). Overall, a very warm and rewarding experience and we guys are always up for it.

20 June 2013

Being located in the prime location of East of Kailash, Gold's Gym is the one with good vibes and a good environment.I being a member of this gym also instigate people to join it.Even though some faults of this gym disappoint me at times, it has the cream crowd of Greater Kailash and even Kailash Colony or even people coming from Lajpat Nagar.The best thing about this gym is that it is very spacious.

The enthusiastic environment created by the people working out there and also of the trainers , can pump up any newcomer.The instructors are quite helpful.When you need help,they will heed to you when you work out.The trainers are also very friendly and no hesitation is needed.They would help you in the best way they can.

The best time to go there is in the evening after 6 pm. Though it becomes a bit crowded,it is always buzzing with energy.
The music played is decent enough and one cannot get dull.
The only terrible part about this gym is that most of the machines are worn out or not working half of the times.The only thing they need to take care is that they need to supercede the worn out or rusted machines frequently. Sometimes, there can be waiting for half an hour or so.

The best part of the gym is that the trainers are well trained and experienced and also give a good diet schedule.

People quote it to be pretentious, but I would disagree with this fact.It has gained its popularity because of the ambience it has,the trainers,the crowd and aah how can i forget the music playlists they have(i will steal that one day :p)

20 June 2013

Do you love Italian food? Do you want to have the real pizzas ans pastas.Then spaghetti kitchen(i am talking about the one in Saket) is where u should be heading to.The decor when you enter Spaghetti Kitchen, is exquisite. It is a fine dine.The ambience is very good. The culinary art of the restaurant is the one most admired. The menu has many options like pastas, pizzas, risotto, starters, soup, salads, meat etc. There will be some names in the menu,which we Indians would fail to understand but the easy way out is that every name of the dish is given with its details. If you ask for, a variety of breads will be provided to you.

What i would suggest you to go for is Chicken risotto which is very scrumptious and the spicy neapolitan pork salami which is topped with tomatoes and lots of mozzarella cheese,is actually jaw dropping which is a must try if you are a hard core non vegetarian. Iced lemon tea can be tried as it is very refreshing.Tangy chicken rolls are also amazing which are rolled in fontina cheese and mustard sauce. If you are a vegetarian, the veg lasagna al fomo is a delight and a good try. If you are fond of white sauce pasta,then pansotti with mushroom pasta is the best pick.

The service was very astounding and spectacular. The staff is polite and very soft spoken.
There is a buffet system as well which is not paid much attention and the service is a bit slow.But all said and done,this place is a must try and a-la-carte system is a better option and the place is worth trying.It is a bit expensive but the yummy food covers it all.I assure you will come out of the restaurant quenched.