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29 June 2014

I booked a reservation last night 28/06/2014 at 8 pm for a airport pick up from pune to mumbai. payment details were successfully updated and the did not receive a confirmation page due to site error. Immediately callback the helpline to check, was informed to call in morning after 8am as payment details get updated within 8 hours as per the customer care agent. Called in the morning at 10 am and spoke to Jayant regarding the issue. Jayant offered a callback in an hour to help me out with the reservation status. I did not receive a callback and hence gave a callback and spoke to Askhay, asked to transfer to the call to Jayant as he was aware the issue but was informed he could callback by 12 pm to be informed. Again there was no callback even after sharing my contact details with ever phone call. I called at 12:45pm and spoke to Jayant as didn't receive a call, he informed me the site is under maintenance and he wont be able to do anything without the site is back up in running. I kept checking the site page continuous so i dont miss out of my reservation.

Finally at 3:20pm 29/06/2014 the site page was back up so called and spoke to a lady, She said Jayant is on break and will return in half hour and will call you to back definitely.It was too much to check up patience and really very upset with the way customers are handled. My wait still continued till 4:30 and when i had to callback and repeat the entire story again to Kiran and still the call was never transferred to Jayant. When asked for a direct number to speak to Jayant or conference it with him was denied for both. Kiran was unable to assist me with the amount deduction issue or a confirmation number for the reservation i booked early.

After keeping me on hold for more than 5 mins uninformed, Kiran booked a new PNR and sent a confirmation via SMS and email which i am still not sure if i have to pay for ? or is the amount going to be converted towards the new PNR ? or is Jayant still going to callback to let me know what happens next ? Kiran said he will ask Jayant to callback but i am uncertain of the same.

Awful experience regard the concern of a customer been handled. i can send the snapshot of the reference number of the bank if required.

Nitin Agarkar