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14 January 2015

Impressed by the deal from goibibo. Lately I have started fearing and hating flight companies for their awkwardly high prices and deals of this quality rarely appears. The deal is designed well since I am saving 50% on hotel stay and 1000 on the flight ticket. Good one, keep up the good work goibibo and thanks mydala for promoting this deal.

22 September 2014

Nieva deodorants come with a cool fragrance that lasts long. I have tried different deodorants but I am satisfied with the quality that nivea offers. Nivea
Energy Fresh Deodorant Spray is my favourite.

20 September 2014

I have a very sensitive skin, Every time I shaved I used to get rashes and irritation. I found my savior in form of Gillette Mach 3. I don't have to worry anymore. It is ultra smooth and easy to handle that gives me a close shave every time. It performs longer than any other shaving tool I have ever used. Great product by gillette.

20 September 2014

I am a diabetes patient and it has forced me to change a lot in my eating habit and my lifestyle. Sugar free natura has been a partner, I don't have to swallow the bitter cup of coffee and tea. I have tried different brands of sugar free supplement, but sugar free natural is the best I have found.