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18 April 2015

You don't have to buy any more deals and that's cool. I usually save on beauty services and restaurants, so now I just have to find the deals and no more visiting the payment portal. Guys 1 month only? why don't you offer the same deal with longer validity? That would be super cool.

08 January 2015

A friend referred me Geetanjali Salon for hair care services and to my amazement, they outperformed my expectations. The ambiance is serene and friendly. I felt comfortable and was a beautiful escape from the mayhem of daily life. If you really care about quality of services, Just go for Geetanjali Salon.

08 October 2014

Knorr soup is easy to make and tasty to eat. The great thing is the variations of the soup; chicken, creamy mushroom, thick tomato, sweet corn and more. Creamy mushroom is my favourite.

08 October 2014

My bowl of kellogs cornflakes breakfast gives me the kickstart for the day. I cant afford much time to make my breakfast and kellogs is the best option.
Adding slices of banana makes it more nutritious and filling.