Jewellery Box Staples for 2017

I have too many jewels – said no one ever!

And we are quite fortunate that there is not a thing as “too many jewels”. But this time around, let us resolve to buy stunning yet practical jewellery. Always on a hunt for beautiful, unconventional and eccentric jewellery, we were in for a pleasant surprise when we stumbled upon online store Ikka Dukka.

Take the quirk up to a whole new level with eclectic jewellery from Ikka Dukka, a recently launched accessories and jewellery brand in India. The jewellery line consists of everyday trinkets in off-color hues which we can don on to work almost every day!

Ikka Dukka, which in Hindi, means ‘one or two’ or ‘rare’ is truly reflected in their collection which showcases curated and handpicked pieces that are unique in their own ways. The collection includes jewellery designed by them and also some home and international up-and-coming designer brands like Zoe Krassen, Nocturne Jewelry and Buba London. Ranging from minimal to off-beat, find everything in their jewellery collection starting from Rs. 1200 only.

Although it was really hard for us to pick out our favorites, here are five statement pieces that we recommend you should be stocking up in your jewellery box in 2017!

1. Love Word Chain Bracelet

Buy Love Word Chain Bracelet for Rs 1200

How amazing is this charm bracelet! We can totally wear this to work hoping to find some luck with love and romance in our lives. This bracelet is 18K gold plated and is so simple, you can wear it every day! Flaunt your effortless style by stacking this bracelet with a gold watch and multiple bracelets.

2. Hand of Hamsa Pendant

Buy Hand of Hamsa Pendant for Rs 1800

This Hand of Hamsa pendant is so tiny and cute! This 18K gold plated pendant will amp up your style game by a notch and bring you some luck, enough then some fortune too! The handcrafted pendant is cool enough to covet with unique subtlety & sophistication for everyday use.

3. Necklace Antler

Buy Necklace Antler for Rs 3800

Here’s something you can pair with your crisp white shirt without looking any bit OTT! This handcrafted brass and gold plated piece is quite clean and gives off a minimalist vibe – perfect for a laid-back yet stylish look.

4. Mint Bot Earrings

Buy Mint Bot Earrings for Rs 2,850

With the announcement of Pantone Colour of 2017, this pair of earrings is on my definite-buy list! Made using Swarovski crystals and gold plating, this piece will definitely make you stand out among a sea of mediocrity.

5. Nocturne Bruna Necklace

Buy Nocturne Bruna Necklace for Rs 19,750

So, moving on to more bling, found this collar necklace to go perfectly well with my LBD or LWD. Oh, and that blouse with geometric pattern! This art deco style necklace is a jewellery box staple and I can’t think of enough ways to style this versatile piece.

Found something fanciful yet? Gift it to someone special or gift it to yourself, start hoarding up on these pieces for everyday wear or with that special LBD! If you’re looking for something on-trend and something that goes with everything in your wardrobe, do check out Ikka Dukka.

While you’re there, you can browse through an extensive and exciting range of clothing & accessories for men, women & kids, home decor & linen, gift items and books. Yes, they have books too! And a special mention goes to the collection of toys, they are just so squishy and cute! I’m totes in love with this quaint shop, go check it out already!!

We can make your shopping experience even exciting with this amazing deal: 20% off on all products at Ikka Dukka. So don't wait, grab it while you can!


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